thank you for all the work you put into the week with the guys. Our son was totally over the moon when he arrived. He is still yet to finish with all the stories of the week but from what he told us by now it looks like he really really liked his stay and had some amazing balling time. New friendships were spawned and lots of new insights gained that I am sure will help form his way of looking at the world.

hi coach! honestly i'm completely speechless, i don't know where to start and how to thank you but thank you, thank you for believing in me thank you for giving me the opportunity to come this camp and do what i can do and more, it was an honor to practice with you and the others, this week was the best week i ever lived in my life and all thanks to you, still can't stop talking bout it in everywhere. thousand time thak you best regards. NJ

Thank you so much for those inspiring and motivating days. Our son is still in the spirit


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